Facebook, we need to talk…

I decided to drop Instagram when they started to wiggle the EULA behind my back. I get it, Instagram needs revenue, and it is a logical step to use user content for it. I just don’t want to be a part of that. Those pictures are mine and mine alone (but if they would have asked nicely, I would have given my permission for sure. Funny, huh?). It doesn’t matter that this time Instagram backed down with the privacy settings change. Settings will change to the worse direction in some way or another, it is just a matter of time.

I have few huge problems with Facebook, too (yes, same company, I know). My biggest gripes are these:

Constant backstabbing. As far as I can remember, Facebook has tried to change privacy settings without telling about it to users. There is just no way of knowing what happens next or what I have signed for. Because of this, Facebook doesn’t feel safe. I just can’t trust the service. There are plenty of private information in Facebook, and I just don’t trust Facebook like the way I trust Google. And that isn’t much.

Hiding stuff. I have had enough of clicking the “Sort” to “Sort: Most Recent” every few weeks. I want that my preferences are saved, and not just for a few weeks. I don’t want the Facebook to decide what I would like to see and what to hide. I know it myself, thank you very much.

The new search will destroy privacy for good. So far, Facebook search has sucked big time. On retrospect, that has been a good thing. I have actually wondered when they make this kind of search functionality, because there are so much personal information that can be exploited to different kind of uses. People will soil their knickers because of it. If you don’t know what this fuss is all about, read this article.

My time is valuable. I have noticed that I keep checking Facebook all the time. That time is away from the other things like my work, family and hobbies. Every one of those things is much more important than Facebook. Even laying on the couch is. Why the hell I keep checking my Facebook news all the time then? It is just stupid.

Facebook makes me hate the people I know. People are different. People have different political views and we all have different experiences in life, which colors our perception of things. That said, half the stuff I read in Facebook is crap. Stupid yellow press article links and moral high ground pebble throwing. It gets pretty damn annoying pretty damn fast.

What is good about the Facebook?

Friends and family. This is the evilness of Facebook. You feel like betraying your friends and family if you leave. It is a genius way of keeping clients.

But what else? What would be worth staying?

Not much, really. I actually hate you, damn Facebook. I hope the fate of Myspace is your future too.

What next?

I need a break from big F. I don’t think that I can just delete everything (and it may not be even possible anyway), but I definitively won’t be around much anymore. If you want to know how I’m doing, you have few choices:

  • Follow my twitter account.
  • Call me (*gasp* I know, radical!) or send me an SMS.
  • See me IRL.
  • Send me an email.
  • Follow my blog (this one) or my company blog.

Final words

I know that it is cool and very hipster on some memetic circles to stop using Facebook. I don’t really care about that. This decision is very very selfish. I am not even sure can I actually stop using Facebook, but damn, I have to try it at least.