Don’t block my flow, bro

Google is on the right track about the importance of speed (or, lack of latency). Its the single most important factor when building anything remotely important on the web. Web pages should open instantly, actions should trigger instantly, and the flow shouldn’t be broken.

Example: You have suddenly an magnificent idea. You want to write it down, while its still burning hot in your mind. You fire up your favorite editor, and… Bam! WOULD YOU LIKE TO UPDATE THIS PIECE OF CRAP SOFTWARE, WOULD YOU? PLEEEEEAAASE? CLICK ME! CLICK ME! And of course, the icon is bouncing on the dock like there’s no tomorrow.

This happens way too often. For weird, annoying reasons, software developers seem to think that it is more important to keep the software up to date than to let applications to do what they are meant to. Its not. No matter what the software, it should NEVER come in between the user and its purpose. I don’t give a flying f*ck about is the software perfectly up to date or not. Most of the time it doesn’t matter at all.

Its bloody annoying. Luckily, most softwares offer option to disable automatic update, but usually, option is enabled by default. Everyone who thinks this is a good idea: f*ck you. Life is too short for waiting that a random software downloads some chinese text bug fixes.