Dear diary…

When I was younger, I had to write my short novels using a cheap typewriter. That was a necessity, because I have utterly terrible handwriting (even I have a hard time to understand what the hell I have written). However, paper and ink wasn’t cheap. After some time, I had to stop using the typewriter too. I had to write, though. As many writers know, it isn’t something you just can stop at will. It is the urge.

So, I started to write a diary. At first I used the diary as a some sort of collection of infinite wisdoms. As a teenager. Right. Ahem.

I had a pretty rough patch in my life about 15–20 years ago. I had a diary that had all the small details about the things that happened during those times. The book was lost during the bankruptcy auction when I was in the army, and I don’t know what happened to it. I would be willing to pay thousands of euros if I just could get it back.

Last year, I started to write a diary again. This time I didn’t feel any pressure about the quality of the text. I just wrote anything that I felt was worth of mentioning. People, places, feelings — that kind of stuff. It feels awesome.

I prefer large lined Moleskine. It is kinda cliché, because Moleskine is the only notebook that a true hipster can use. I don’t care. I love it. It is sturdy, paper is good quality and it smells right. It is something you just want to touch. I tried using normal ballpoint pen for writing, but it felt too heavy to use. Normal ink pen wasn’t fun either, because the ink has a tendency to smudge pages. Now I use gel ink pen, which is perfect. Ink is liquid enough so that you don’t have to press it too hard, and the gel ink dries fast.

Best part of the diary is that you can actually empty your head bucket on a regular basis. It is much less crowded in there when you can filter relevant stuff out and on the paper.

My 100 life goal list

This post is inspired by Below Zero to Hero, where I first discovered the list. The idea is simply to list 100 items you want to accomplish in your life. They can be small things, big things or totally funny things — it doesn’t matter, only what you really want.

So, this is my 100 life goal list. In my life, I want to (in no special order):

  1. Get married (done)
  2. Get independent (done)
  3. Get laid (done)
  4. Buy a sword (done)
  5. Own a Black Lotus
  6. Own nice cat or cats (done)
  7. Swim in a cool lake on a beaatuful summer day (done)
  8. Create a successful business (done)
  9. Surround myself with people that are smarter and more talented than myself (done)
  10. Be a respectable leader (done… well, sort of)
  11. Own a aesthetically nice place where to live (done)
  12. Own a lovable dog (done)
  13. Have some nice children (done)
  14. Stay married & love my wife (done)
  15. Continue building awesome webpages (done)
  16. Continue writing (done)
  17. Get a huge cool tattoo (done)
  18. Never to worry about the cost of living or healthcare (done)
  19. Always be able to select commodity over price (done)
  20. Help those who have helped me (done)
  21. Grow a long hair (done)
  22. Get photographed
  23. Get healthy (done)
  24. Paint more
  25. Learn to sculpt like a master
  26. Play more videogames (done)
  27. Speak on a TED talk
  28. Read more inspirational books (done)
  29. Run a marathon
  30. Help my kids to become smarter than me (done ;))
  31. Write a book (done)
  32. Earn passive income stream (done)
  33. Solve the problems of the past (done)
  34. Be true to myself, my values and my way of life (done)
  35. Not to accept evil, mean or demeaning behavior towards me, my loved ones or people who trust on me (done)
  36. Visit Iceland (done)
  37. Visit Iceland, again
  38. Own a summer cottage beside a lake
  39. Have zero personal debt (done)
  40. Write a Science Fiction novel
  41. Do some wood carving (done)
  42. Get a MSc (done)
  43. Own a gold bar
  44. Get 100 or more active subscriber on my personal blog (done)
  45. Get in TV (done)
  46. Get on a top diamond 1vs1 league in StarCraft 2 (done)
  47. Get on a top diamond 1vs1 league in StarCraft 2, again (done)
  48. Shoot with a Barrett 0.5
  49. Catch more fish (done)
  50. Finish the 100 list.

Hmm, producing a list of 100 isn’t that easy after all.

I will update this list when I manage to complete items, or when my goals change.