Confession of an iUser

When iPhone 5 was first published, I was happy. I thought that Apple would finally leap forward and actually develop the platform for the better direction. After the specs were released I was very disappointed. Just the same old phone with some minimal improvements. Not funny.

So I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. No torches and pitchforks, please.

I didn’t just buy it randomly. My little brother had it, and after fidgeting with it for a few minutes I thought “man, this brick is cool. I gotta try it.”

There are actually just 3 reasons I jumped ship.

  1. Stagnation. Apple iOS platform, and specially iPhone, has matured to a very stable environment. It has its drawbacks. Platform feels outdated, and every new feature seems to be glued on top of the old one.
  2. One crucial missing app. When I used Nokia years ago, there was this application called Pomo Palvelu (loose translation would be “Boss Service”) that searched for the unknown number from an external database when the call came. I have tens of unknown callers through a day, and answering them is a pain and it takes up my precious time. True, there are some options for the iOS ecosystem, but none of them work in Finland without jailbraking the iPhone. On Android, there is Fonecta Caller. It works.
  3. Constant revamping of adapters. Man, I really hate Apple for this. They do it every time. I don’t care much how advanced the new adapters and cables are (well, Thunderbolt is awesome), but why do I have to buy stack of new adapters and cables every time I cough up some cash for a new Apple iDevice? It is like pissing in the eye of the most loyal fans. Stop doing it, please. This is a one big reason I didn’t want to buy iPhone 5. If I have to buy yet a new stack of cables for the new phone, I might as well look for the greener pastures.

I know that new gadgets always feel better than the old ones. So, I won’t be doing the THIS IS AWESOME THAT OLD CRAP IS SO LAME -act. I will write about my experiences later, when I have had more quality time with my new Android.