Leica M8 experience, some additional thoughts

After using Leica M8 for a some time it is time for some additional thoughts.

  • It is nice to use. Rangefinder takes time to master, and most of the shots I take are crap. But those that doesn’t fail… well, they are very nice.
  • Leica M8 is a tank. Even DSLR’s seems bigger, they usually feel like plastic. Leica is like a hammer.
  • I hate the brick (charger). It’s cumbersome and fugly.
  • Leica M8 is a bit unstable sometimes. I have managed to crash it more than once.
  • It is too easy to switch the camera for self-timer or continuous shot.
  • I would hope that the rangefinder would be more brighter. Now it feels like watching through smoked glass.
  • I like the simplicity of the controls. It feels like I am in control. If I fail the shot, there is no one else to blame. 🙂

All and all, I love the Leica M8. I am pretty sure that I will buy some newer version as soon as I have the cash for it, but this will do until then.

Janne K. Jääskeläinen

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