Janne K. Jääskeläinen


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Tällainen olen asiakkaiden silmin

Anne-Mari Angervo

”As a customer, it is more than a pleasure to work with Janne. He is efficient and a true expert. He focuses to relevant issues and does not consume customer’s time to bullshit. Work at hand is done with high quality and results are often better than expected. Especially, working with him lacks neither laugh nor humour.”

Anne-Mari Angervo, Planning Manager at Veritas Pension Insurance & Co-founder and partner at Happy Fin.

Jani Koivunen

”I have been co-operating with Janne since 2010 and in my experience I can say that he is man who keeps his promises. He is very productive and determined, but most of all really reliable person. Despite of his success he has kept his humble personality. I have read all books that Janne has written and I have to say that his dark British humor really hits me. He is great leader, visionary and of course business partner.”

Jani Koivunen, Account Director at Otavamedia

Karl Filtness

”Janne is an exceptionally insightful business leader who has the ability to inspire and educate with his concise and clear communication skills.

I have had the privilege to work with Janne on several different marketing projects. The results have always been better than promised, even though the initial agreements have been far from unambitious.

Based on this solid evidence and numerous discussions, I’m honoured to say that I value Janne’s opinion on business, leadership and digital marketing. I never hesitate to ask his view even on difficult matters. I can highly recommend his expertise, intelligence and invigorating social company.”

Karl Filtness, Director of Growth, MEOM

Veikko Mäkinen

”I learned to know Janne as a customer buying services from Aucor and from then on I have had several inspiring talks with him where we share ideas and experiences about business, leadership and life. From day one I have admired the passion in which Janne treats both his customers and his company. He is constantly and tirelessly looking for things to improve and I have never seen Janne do anything just halfway. Janne listens, innovates, advises and, always, delivers.”

Veikko Mäkinen, CEO at Ecom Oy

Näin minua kuvailee edellinen hallitukseni

Tomi Numminen

”It has been my great personal pleasure to collaborate with Janne during the past decade. He possesses admirable never-ending passion to learn and therefore develop himself, which I personally appreciate very highly. He is humble enough to carefully listen opinions and he possesses both experience and knowledge to structurally evaluate correlations of related details. Bearing in mind the business context of the subject matter in hand, he has the courage and leadership talent to form strategic decisions and furthermore shape those into executive and operational actions – and most importantly, in order to achieve the wanted results – he has the strength to relentlessly follow-up the selected route to successful business outcome. I have every reason to warmly and wholeheartedly recommend Janne for any type of business ventures.”

Tomi Numminen, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bioretec Ltd.

Tällainen olen mentorina

Natasha Skult

”I have known and worked with Janne for years, especially during the time my company was located at the same business center – Logomo. It has been a true honor working with such multi-talented professional. Throughout the years and in change of my career, Janne has been a great support and adviser how to pursue my dream and create a steady foundation in order to achieve it. That is why I see him not only as a business associate but a mentor, who thought and advised me in the manner that brought to light my real capacity of artistic talent and use of knowledge. Therefore Janne earns my highest recommendation and i am looking forward to our future collaboration.”

Natasha Skult, CEO & Founder at MiTale Ltd.

Ei kannata uskoa pelkkiä onnistumisia. Kannattaa kuunnella myös niitä, joille olen antanut kenkää.

Jari Parantainen

”Tyypillinen suomalainen yrittäjä on paskahousu ja pelkuri. Hän ei uskalla sanoa asiakkaalleen suoraan mitään. Se tekee suhteesta merkillistä varjonyrkkeilyä.

Janne on eri maata. Olen hänen entinen asiakkaansa. Erosimme tavalla, joka on erittäin harvinainen. Nimittäin Janne osoitti firmalleni ovea. En kuulemma ollut hyvä asiakas.

Siinä pohdiskelin hetken kalossinkuva hanurissa, että pitäisikö tästä turkulaisesta tylytyksestä loukkaantua. Päädyin kuitenkin siihen, että jokaisen yrittäjän tulisi toimia Jannen tavoin.

Jos ostaja on hankala, kannattamaton tai muuten epäsopiva, silloin pitäisi olla munaa katkaista suhde. Enhän itsekään haluaisi itseäni asiakkaakseni.”

Jari Parantainen, Suomen kokenein tuotteistaja.